Acopio de Recursos

Fundraising – El Arte de Captar Recursos

Palencia-Lefler, Manuel . Fundraising. El arte de captar recursos. Manual estratétigo para Organizaciones No Lucrativas., 2001 Instituto de Filantropía y Desarrollo. Obra inédita en España en 2001 que trata sobre fundraising, disciplina muy extendida en el mundo anglosajón. Este libro le explica todo lo referente a… – cómo solicitar un donativo – cómo relacionarse con sus posibles donantes – cómo comunicar sus estrategias de gestión – cómo replantear su estructura de voluntarios – bibliografía y referencias on-line y off-line Indispensable […]

Regalos – Principios, Políticas y Procedimientos

Fundraising Principles, Policies and Procedures Approved by the ENA Foundation Management Board on 7.17.08 Fundraising Principles ENA Foundation requires all employees and volunteers, including donors and members, to adhere to ethical practices when soliciting constituents for the benefit of ENA Foundation. ENA Foundation Development Department staff are held to the highest standards of ethical conduct in fund-raising, are trained and educated in ethical fundraising standards and principles, and are provided with resources to remain familiar with professional standards. The ENA […]

Políticas y Procedimientos para el Acopio de Recursos

Policies and procedures for fundraising Authorship: Fundraising Office Date created: 7 January 2009 Review date: 1. Introduction Charitable Funds consist of: Money donated to the Trust in appreciation Money left in a legacy for the benefit of the Trust (or a certain part of the Trust) Money which has been raised through fundraising events Money which has been donated as a result of a fundraising appeal Charitable Funds have to be accounted for in a different way from other mainstream […]

Filantropía atractiva para la investigación universitaria

Putting philanthropy to work for university research in Europe This report is a call to arms. Its aim is to help release the untapped potential of philanthropy for research funding in universities. Its main audience is people in universities: the university leadership, faculty, and fundraising units who are actually involved in fundraising activities or are considering the potential of philanthropy for funding university research. It is also addressed to people in government, whose policies influence the propensity and potential impact […]

Necesidad de Políticas y Procedimientos de Acopio de Fondos

Why Fundraising Policies and Procedures are Necessary In recent years, with the overwhelmingly generous response of the public to global and national tragedies and disasters, coupled with the ongoing needs of non-disaster relief organizations, fundraising challenges have multiplied. In addition, the nonprofit sector has faced increased, yet appropriate, scrutiny by government regulators and individual donors alike. In the United States, the passage in 2002 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act created an environment of greater self-examination and accountability within nonprofits. This American […]