Políticas y Procedimientos para el Acopio de Recursos

Policies and procedures for fundraising

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1. Introduction

Charitable Funds consist of:

  • Money donated to the Trust in appreciation
  • Money left in a legacy for the benefit of the Trust (or a certain part of the Trust)
  • Money which has been raised through fundraising events
  • Money which has been donated as a result of a fundraising appeal

Charitable Funds have to be accounted for in a different way from other mainstream funding and are subject to a different set of rules and guidance.

The control and management of these Charitable Funds is the responsibility of the Trustees, who are the Trust Board of The Whittington Hospital and delegated to the audit committee, through to fund managers, fundraising and accounts teams. There will be a major appeal committee that which meets quarterly when an appeal is running.

2. Policy statement

The Board welcome the contribution that the Whittington Hospital Charitable Funds make to the delivery of services and the welfare of patients, and recognise and value the work of individuals and groups that participate in approved fundraising events and those who donate money to the Funds. The Trustees will ensure that the highest standards are in place for the protection of these Funds.

3. Fundraising by staff

Participation in fundraising activities by staff is voluntary and should not be imposed on individuals. The existing Trust insurance arrangement covers staff for certain ‘low risk’ fundraising activities. Any event not covered by this policy must obtain its own insurance cover and be approved by the fundraising office with appropriate fund managers. The legal department will advise on obtaining cover insurance.

4. General policies regarding use of gifts

Donations are to be in the best interests of The Whittington Hospital Charitable Funds.

Donations must meet any legal requirements stated by the Charity Commission and the Institute of Fundraising (see appendices 3 & 4)

The intentions of the donor must be met as far as possible.

The donor is entitled to accountability and appreciation for his/her donation to the Charitable Funds.

All gifts should be processed through the donor database in the fundraising office in order to assure that the above requirements are met.

Gifts can be classified in two general categories – unrestricted and restricted and in various sub-categories (according to funds).

Unrestricted gifts are made in general support of the work of the Charitable Funds with no other stipulations on the part of the donor. This form of support is to be encouraged at all times.

Restricted gifts bear stipulations by the donor. In some cases, restrictions may be set by the Charitable Funds, as in the case of unrestricted bequests being placed in endowment. Restricted gifts are directed to specific funds in order to fulfil the intent of the donor.

The wording of any appeal or solicitation states the purpose of the gift requested.

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